Powder coating - Arco Color Latvija

Powder coating is based on the principle that objects with opposite electrical charge (positive and negative) attracts each other.

Powder particles are negatively charged passing through a special coating gun, which develops a static field around the gun and the grounded part. The static electricity ensures that the powder particles are drawn to the surface of the metal part creating a smooth layer. Finally, the metal part is heated in a polymerization oven, where an even decorative and protective coating is created at 160°C to 200°C temperature.

Most of the conductive materials and thermally stable materials are suitable for powder coating.

Choosing powder coating 

3 pre-conditions for choosing the type of powder coating:

  1. Conditions for usage: indoors or outdoors;
  2. Surface finish: matt, satin, gloss;
  3. Coating: smooth or with texture.