Quality - Arco Color Latvija

Arco Color Latvija aims at reaching the highest quality and customer satisfaction level. We use Akzo Nobel and other world-renowned manufacturer powder coatings. Regular quality tests are performed simultaneously with strict random sample tests, which are carried out by quality controller at regular intervals. All parts are 100% traceable throughout the entire process.

Regular quality checks:

Gloss level – ensures that parts are heated in the oven according to specification

Thickness test – ensures that the volume of powder coating meets the technical requirements

Adhesion test – ensures that the powder coating appropriately sticks to the surface. This destructive test is performed on testing plates that are processed together with all parts of each product party.

100% visual tests are performed to make sure that the color coating is smooth.

Company operates according to ISO quality management standarts:

Case causing additional costs:

  • Rusted parts;
  • Wet parts;
  • Parts with adhesive tape;
  • Parts marked with a marker;
  • Parts unprotected from mechanical damages during transportation;
  • Missing technological openings, etc.