The pre-treatment of the surface quite often does not receive enough attention, even though it is the main pre-condition for achieving high-quality powder coating which lasts for a long time. A well-prepared surface ensures optimal adhesion of powder coating on the respective coating surface and improves anti-corrosion characteristics.

Arco Color Latvija applies the new generation eco-friendly Oxsilan technology.

Metal parts undergo a five-stage pre-treatment process that ensures a complete degreasing of the surfaces:

Stage 1: Cleaning (temperature 55°C), 90x2 seconds;
Stage 2: Rinsing with tap water, 45 seconds;
Stage 3: Rinsing with DEMI water, 45 seconds;
Stage 4: Oxsilan, 90 seconds;
Stage 5: DEMI water rinsing, 90 seconds.

All parts are dried at max. 120°C temperature before powder coating.